Acrylic on hardboard. 6 paintings, 600 X 420 mm (16.5″ x 23.6″) each

The work in this series of six abstract paintings has been arranged so that you can look from one painting to the other.

Three of the paintings you see contain aggressive, gestural marks that visibly convey turmoil and a sense of deluge. In contrast, the three other pictures are more subdued, with the generous space, soft marks and muted colours that are reminiscent of sky and clouds. Looking at them, you might think you’ve found respite. However, even they can appear unsettling. Is it sky or is it water? Scientists tell us that same laws that apply to patterns and turbulence in water also apply to weather patterns. And just as catastrophe applies to abrupt, qualitative changes and disruptions, it also applies to changes as quiet and subtle as the transition between waking and sleeping, and of clouds gathering and parting.